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Root Canal

Illustration of inside of toothWhen you have a cavity, a filling restores the area that’s been destroyed by infection. If your tooth is broken, a crown protects it from breaking any further. But when damage extends into the nerve inside your tooth, only a root canal can help.

What is Endodontic Treatment?

A root canal is a procedure where we go into the centre of the tooth to remove the infected or traumatised nerve. The canal is then cleaned out and sealed off to prevent reinfection. Endodontics is a safe and effective alternative to extracting your tooth. Now, you can preserve your natural smile for years to come.

Your Dental Pulp: What is it?

Tooth pulps are the nerve and blood vessel tissues that feed and nurture the tooth to keep it alive. The pulp extends from the tip of the root up through the crown (the structure above the gums). Every tooth has one open chamber to house the pulp but if there are multiple roots there will be a canal extending down into each one.

When Dental Nerves are Damaged

If a tooth is traumatised, damaged from a large crack or has severe areas of decay, the pulp can become infected by bacteria and begin to die. In some cases, the tooth will develop an abscess, start to appear darker in colour or experience severe pain.

By removing the pulp and performing a root canal, we can eliminate the cause of pain and swelling, along with natural resorption that’s associated with nerve death. As a result, we’re able to keep your tooth in place for much longer.

What’s Involved?

During your root canal, we’ll carefully numb the tooth (and administer any dental sedation at your request) before creating an opening to remove the damaged pulp tissue. Special tools are used to clean the nerve canals, which are then medicated and sealed off. We’ll place a temporary filling over your tooth after taking an impression and then order a permanent crown to be made to fit over it.

By preserving your natural tooth, your entire smile will benefit!

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